The economy sucks.  People are frustrated.  I get all that.  What I don’t get is the rampant ignorance displayed by the ongoing protests on Wall Street.


Hey, look, the theory of Utopia, the perfect society, the theory of Socialism, at its root is a wonderful theory.  The idea that everyone in a society thrives, and that poverty becomes a thing of the past through collective hard work and compassion.

What’s wrong with the theory is that it simply doesn’t work.

The reasons why Socialism doesn’t work are complex.  It looks great on paper and in the lab, but when you try to enact it in the real world, the ugly truth begins to show.   For Socialism to work, every member of a society must pull their own weight.  Take a look around, does that seem possible to you, as an intelligent thinker?  It’s an idealistic dream.  It’s naïve.



Water will always follow the path of least resistance.  Humans are like water.  If you constantly give a person their sustenance without requiring them to work for that sustenance, they will never work.

Throughout the world and history, Socialism has never succeeded.  Socialism will never succeed for the same reason that capitalism makes some people rich.  In a capitalist market, those who work the hardest gain the most spoils.  Removing the personal incentive for hard work, by redistributing wealth, creates mass poverty.  It does not eliminate poverty.

Life is a survival of the fittest, plain and simple.  That’s human nature and a fundamental truth.



The protests are all just an ignorant display of frustration, jealousy, and envy.  Look closely, and you’ll notice the protesters are mainly young people who don’t have enough intelligence or life experience and are championed by liberal celebrities who abuse the arrogance of their own beliefs.  They don’t think we should achieve our American dream the old-fashioned way.  They want the government to take from those who succeed and give to those who protest.

That’s not the way America was built.

The only things we’re entitled to are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  That was enough to make us the greatest country on Earth.  The rest is up to you.



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