Big fan of Norah Jones.

Her music has just a touch of hippy retro to embellish its bluesy and jazz stylings.  Perhaps the hippy vibe is hereditary.  Her father is Ravi Shankar, who introduced the sitar and Indian classical music to The Beatles and ushered in the raga rock trend.  He went on to perform at the Monterey Pop Festival and Woodstock.

He was almost 60 when Norah was born, but it wasn’t sitar music that enflamed her young mind.  It was her mother’s old vinyl recordings of Billie Holiday that did that.  Norah Jones’ debut album became the soundtrack to almost every East Coast suburbs dinner party in 2003, and won her Grammy Awards for Best New Artist, Album of the Year, and Record of the Year.



In the film My Blueberry Nights, she plays an alluring young women who sets out on a journey of discovery along the classic Route 66 and lands a job at an atmospheric roadside diner, where she meets a series of enigmatic characters that help her on her quest.



In Chasing Pirates, she hired the special efforts chief for Pirates of the Caribbean and stops just short of an eye patch and peg leg in her attempt to be the cutest terror on the seven seas.  In the music video, she finds a treasure map and steers her building through the streets of Manhattan, but it wasn’t the first idea.  She wanted to dress up like a pirate and go around stalking Johnny Depp.  Johnny turned out to be an impossible fish to hook, so she went with plan B and made a video that would make Monty Python proud.  Look closely, and you’ll see a tattoo on Norah’s arm that reads “Johnny Forever.”



The winner of 9 Grammy awards and named billboard magazine’s Top Jazz Artist of the Decade, Norah Jones remains among the industry’s biggest sellers.  Strange, considering that hippy retro and bluesy jazz stylings.

I definitely dig Norah’s slow, Sunday morning kind of music, but this remake of her Those Sweet Words is my favorite.  It’s almost too divine for mortal ears.  Feel free to get up on your doghouse and do the snoopy dance.

So, I just had to try out the velocity envelope and editing tools in Sony Vegas to re-imagine the original music video.  This is an Atomic Flower creation that I’ve posted to my Youtube channel:




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