A first-rate electrical storm swept across our deserts of Northern Nevada tonight, and wow, was it a sight to behold.  First, I watched an absolutely nebulous sunset spread like molten orange across the cloudy horizon and the summit of the mountains.  Then the clouds darkened and swirled, their lower edges aglow with fire, as the storm arrived full force and unleashed hell upon us.  Thunder boomed like distant cannons and the lightning was positively biblical, illuminating the desert and flashing against the sunset.  This was shock and awe.  The sky was a battlefield, a war zone, an overture of a grand symphony.



It was just happenstance that my stereo was playing Lara Fabian’s new single Always.  I mean, it was great timing, considering that I’d earlier posted a music video of hers.  But the song just felt like the perfect accompaniment to the awesome display of nature.  To watch this spectacular storm and hear this music was like a transfusion.



Afterwards, I opened all the windows so I could fill the house with the smell of the rain-dampened desert.  There is no other scent like it on earth or in dreams.  The wet, sharp freshness of the desert can touch the soul.

Whether you’re a fan or a critic of Lara’s music, you have to admit that nobody can deliver pure, glittering talent like she can.  In a business full of posers and wannabe’s, this lady is no model with a microphone.

She is the gold standard.

She’s the nightmare that scares the hell out of American Idol contestants.



For anyone discovering this artist, let it be known that Lara’s next project will hit movie screens sometime after the first of the year.  It will be a film containing 11 short musical stories all connected to each other, taking place throughout periods of history and extending into a distant future, all linked by ‘The Woman’ played by Lara.  Filming was done in Russia, Egypt and France.  Similar movies, with musical artists in the lead, and based on their albums, are very rare.  Efforts by The Beatles and Pink Floyd immediately jump to mind, but supposedly, this will be along the lines of the movie Orlando.  Hopefully, unlike that film, she won’t be swapping genders or having lesbian affairs.




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