I personally like electronica music because it reminds me of all those early 80’s synth nights that yours truly spent in European dance clubs.  I was living strong back then.  But these days, my age prevents me fully enjoying too many techy and electro glitzy beats.  I don’t need sick dubstep mixes.  Anything that energizes a dance floor of young people will probably wipe me out.



That’s why Andain’s music turns me on.  Theirs is a kind of downtempo electronica that relaxes me.  It feels more organic, more real.  When Beautiful Things came out, it wasn’t just a track.  It was a statement.

Put on your quality headphones, folks:



No doubt, their return single Promises will be much discussed by music critics and danced to by clubbers worldwide.  It has that kind of star quality.  When I first heard it, a little blue seawave swelled under my heart.  That warm flash, that shiver, that impact of falling in love with a song.  The vacuum of my spirit sucked in every detail of it’s bright beauty.



Herr Doktor, the Myon and Shane 54 Summer of Love remix of Promises cures my weary bones.  Same great melody and intoxicating vocals by songwriter Mavie Marcos, but restructured like this, the thirty years between young man and older man, tapers to a palpitating point, and vanishes.  I’d like to show you how we bust a move old school style, but alas, no.  Watching a fifty year old try to dance uptempo is a ridiculous sight.  My knees feel more like reflections of knees in rippling water.



It’s the song of the year, as far as I’m concerned.  Here’s another favorite remix, this time the Ignas Ecstasy Heaven version:



Anyway, I hope somebody out there likes this music and supports Andain’s work.  Otherwise, my anger will come at you like black smoke, like a demented ghost, and pull you apart nerve by nerve.



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