This is the premiere of the ATOMIC FLOWER blog.  My aim here, and I say this with deep humility, is to attempt no less than encompass all of existence and view it through the prism of my own infinitesimal life.  That’s quite a task for somebody who can barely navigate his own blog page. It will take time to get my feet under me, but I’m confident in being up to speed soon.  Writing for me has always been a form of prayer.  It creates within me a spiritual awareness, and makes me alert to the awe of existence.  It focuses me on mystery and gratitude.

A major theme in many of my posts will be the topic of popular culture.  It is society’s mirror.  Some things reflect beautifully and some things reflect back to us the shallow subcultures we’ve created.  I’m a big fan of the arts, and quite frankly, most popular entertainment diminishes us.  It cheapens us, abuses our senses, hammers us with shabby thrills, and weakens the value of life.  I want to illuminate art that evokes the wonder of life’s experience, because, to me, this art is also a form of prayer.  Not prayer to anyone or anything, but prayer about everyone and everything.  Prayer that makes requests is pointless.  What will be, will be.  What I’m talking about is the kind of prayer you feel when you stand at the edge of the sea, or beneath a tree, or smell a flower, or love someone, or do a good thing, or listen to a gorgeous song.  These prayers honor us.

Speaking of gorgeous songs, after seven years away from the EDM scene, Andain has finally released the new single and future classic “Promises” on the Black Hole imprint.  This will definitely be a hit single for the books.  All the big time heavy hitters like Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond are supporting the single with various remixes while we wait for the full album to drop sometime in the fall.  If you’re not familiar with Andain, then you should definitely discover them.  I’ll make it my mission to help you.  Between the angelic voice of singer/songwriter Mavie Marcos and the beats, synths and strings of producer Josh Gabriel, Andain promises to enchant.




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